Monday, August 3, 2015

Speak Up! Speak Out!

Events in life sometimes cause change in your ability to perform certain tasks. Where it normally would have taken you only 15 minutes to wash your dishes, may now take you an hour. Perhaps it’s because you can’t stand as long, so you take breaks. Or you just don’t move as fast. Or maybe it’s because arthritis prevents you from grasping. Or maybe you find yourself not just washing the dishes but also cleaning broken glass because you continually drop and break dishes.

Are you starting to notice that you’re not as efficient as you once where in other areas of life. It’s okay and it’s actually good that you recognize the change. The fact that you recognize the change means that you can get help before it’s too late. You may be saying “too late for what??? I’m not going to get arrested for letting my laundry pile up. There are no citations for a dirty bathroom. Nobody cares if my dishes pile up.” But we do.

We, at At Home Care recognize when a situation is becoming a problem. Dirty dishes can lead to bacteria growth, which leads to disease and infection. If you don’t have clean clothes to wear, you might not go out; which causes you to feel alienated which can lead to loneliness and depression.  

Don’t keep it to yourself. Don’t let pride prevent you from getting the help you need so you can continue to be independent. Of course At Home Care is concerned with keeping up the care of your home so you can safely remain at home. But this principle applies to other areas of life too; such as financing education, improving a sporting skill or simply staying on schedule.

Once you realize that you have a deficiency in any area that you can not correct on your own, speak up and speak out. Let someone know so you can be helped. 

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