Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Holiday Stress Busters

Appropriately enough, December is National. Stress-Free Holidays Month. Here are some helpful hints to reduce stress during what should be a fun and relaxing time.

  • Recognize the signs of stress, such as irritability and anxiety. Avoid these by putting yourself in control of things instead of just letting them happen.
  • Allow yourself to say “No”. Be realistic about what you can and cannot do during this busy month. Don't feel obligated to attend every holiday party or make 1,000 cookies from scratch for your church group.
  • Watch your diet. It's very easy during this time to overindulge in holiday treats. Sugar overload will make you sluggish, and the stimulating effect of caffeine may make you overanxious.
  • Exercise. Not only will it combat those extra calories you're consuming, it will also relieve tension and provide relaxation.   

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